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Reepham Food Festival


We’re excited to announce that we will be taking part (centre stage!) at Reepham Food Festival.

We’re hosting the opening dinner on Friday 24thMay which will be a BBQ banquet and the official launch of local BBQ Lobster on our menu. We always try to cook as much as we can on our charcoal oven Bertha but we will be going the whole hog this night! Booking advisable …. BOOK NOW (Button)

On the Sunday 26thwe will be closing the cooking demos in the square with a special ‘Dial H For Hacks, we love local shellfish’ masterclass where Andrew will be spilling some insider secrets on how to cook shellfish at home to restaurant standards – without all the fussy equipment and foams but just as much taste and to a good budget too.

As well as that, our little brother Farmyard will be manning a stall of cocktails and snacks and The Dial House will be open as usual all weekend, for breakfast lunch and dinner plus afternoon tea on Saturday and Sunday roast on 26th.

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