Dine and stay amidst antiques and objects of interest…


Everything’s for sale…

Running alongside the restaurant and rooms offering sits the retail wing of the Dial House. Look closely, and you’ll discover that everything around you is for sale.
 Big small practical impractical; All ticketed. At any one time we have literally 100’s of items in stock, 80% of which being one-offs and, with up to 300 items a month moving on through, it creates an ever-changing scene. Come again next week and you may find everything’s changed.


Objects for sale
Antiques for sale in Norfolk
Antiques for sale in Norfolk
Tiger for sale
Antique bottles for sale
Antique boat for sale

Glorious Georgian furniture, grand glassware and antique objects dress The Secret Room – one of our three private dining spaces.
 Mid Century furniture and retro accessories occupy our front room. 
The side rooms provide space for whatever oddities we happen to find and love.
 There is a Garden Room, complete with houseplants, gardening goods and a cocktail bar to boot.
 Our a la carte dining space provides another area for grand antique finds. Head to our scullery/pantry for a ‘below stairs’ feel where you can dine privately at the ‘Chef’s table’ whilst watching the kitchen at work. The wine cellar is our third private party space which comes complete with a spotlit stalagmite; other equally eclectic objects are available down here too.

Follow us on Instagram @thedialhouse as we venture out and about searching for new stock, view our latest finds and be the first to know about special retail events. Enquiries welcome.



New Mid Century furniture, pottery and glassware in house. G plan corner unit down to just £50! Come and visit our ‘shopaurant’!

Mid Century